Online, a part-time job, more profitable

Online, a part-time job, more profitable

That meant that the shared phone booths would recover their capital in a year. Then, they would start generating pure profits.

At that stage, the twenty shared phone booths would be making hundreds of thousands of yuan for Pei Qian each month!

Of course, to a war veteran like Boss Pei, hundreds of thousands of yuan was a negligible sum to deal with.

The main reason Pei Qian felt dispirited was that the project made him feel like a serious failure.

“Even an unreliable project like that ended up generating profits?!”

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Mentally, this had been a bigger blow to Pei Qian than his previous profit-making projects. Thus, when he walked into the office this morning, Pei Qian was still in a trance.

“Boss Pei, GOG is going to officially run

Pei Qian read the message on his cell phone and then replied with a simple ‘alright’.

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After some consideration, Pei Qian sent a message to Lin Chang, arranging to meet at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branch near Handong University.

Pei Qian had been so busy with the shared phone booths over the weekend that he had postponed his meeting with Lin Chang again and again. Helpless, he had postponed it to this morning.

It was just as well. He could meet Lin Chang and check on GOG’s situation at the same time in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

‘Officially running tests’ meant officially releasing the trial version of the game on the games platform, so that gamers could freely download it and try it out.

Of course, to minimize stress on the server, not everyone would be qualified to create an account for the trial version. However, veteran gamers of Tengda’s games would have an easier time qualifying.

Having a group of players trying out the game and giving feedback would help the team find bugs and other problems in the game and then fix them.

The trial version was bound to have bugs, but gamers who enjoyed playing trial versions of games tended to be more forgiving. Most of them were only after novelty and tended to be less bothered by bugs.