The essence of online make money is marketing

The essence of online make money is marketing

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It’s a good thing that my brother is so smart; I was almost cheated by you!

Although Ma Yang was not good at acting, just thinking about Boss Li scheming to destroy his rice bowl motivated him to take revenge.

He would turn this rage into acting skills!

He returned to the table and immediately put on a smile. “Boss Li, I just spoke to Boss Pei on the phone. I tried to find out his intentions.

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“The losses we’ve been incurring have been worrying indeed. However, he does not want to allow outsiders to join the company so easily. He said that we’ll give it another month. If things still do not improve by then, he will think of other ways.”

Li Shi nodded subtly.

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This was exactly as he had expected.

According to his calculations, this Boss Pei was a hard-headed man. If his subordinate were able to change his mind with just a couple of sentences, that would be strange.

A month…

He had to continue burning money for a month. That hurt, but it was still do-able.

Li Shi’s heart hurt, but he could not display the hurt on his face. After all, it seemed like Ma Yang still had no clue that he was the one who organized for the surrounding shops to hold promotions at the same time.

Boss Pei might have been able to tell, but he probably did not tell Ma Yang about it. After all, there was no evidence. Boss Pei probably did not want to run his mouth off without proof.

After all, as long as Li Shi could successfully buy Fish-Catching Internet Cafe over in the end, it did not matter how much money he had to burn. He was sure he would be able to make it all back.

At that thought, Li Shi suddenly grinned.

“Of course. I’m in no rush at all. Boss Ma, you don’t have to rush Boss Pei either. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Boss Pei has to come around on his own.


“I’m worried about you all. You might make huge losses in one month. What if you cannot hang on for that long? Boss Ma, I think you can test waters again in a week. For all we know, Boss Pei might have changed his mind.”