Focus on the collection of online free games to make money platform

Focus on the collection of online free games to make money platform

Many people liked to play lucky draws. Even if you told him seriously about probability, expectations, and lucky draw, he would not listen at all. He would definitely think that he was lucky. He might even be cheated, spend a huge sum of money to take out a pile of rubbish, and still insist that he was just unlucky this time. He would definitely be able to get what he wanted next time.

Ordinary merchants would obviously try their best to tell consumers that the lucky draw was a kind of preferential activity. Players and merchants were mutually beneficial. It was very worth it to conduct a lucky draw.

At most, he would use a very small line of words to hint at the lucky draw: There are risks in the lucky draw. You have to be cautious when charging.

However, this hint would definitely be very small and most people would not take it to heart.

After this analysis, Qiao Liang came to a rather shocking conclusion.

“Isn’t Boss Pei cutting off all avenues of profit for the lucky draw?”

“It might not necessarily succeed but Boss Pei is indeed working hard to contrast the other lucky draw through the lucky draw of Fitness Battle, so that everyone can see the so-called lucky draw more clearly.”

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“Even if not many people would appreciate it in the end, even if it would attract the crazy attacks of other companies who were hoping to earn money from the lucky draw, they would not care.”

“How thoughtful!”

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Qiao Liang could not help but feel emotional. Only Boss Pei would dare to do something like that!

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However, most people were too slow to understand Boss Pei’s intentions.

He had to come up with a video to explain the key points. He could not let Boss Pei’s efforts go to waste!

The lucky draw activities of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation seemed very conscientious, but that only appeared conscientious compared to the other blackhearted lucky draw prizes.

In fact, they were still thinking of ways to earn money from players even if they had a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount!

What conscience was there to speak of compared to Tengda’s actions?

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