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A few minutes later.

「…Nee, Allen. Since we’re here already, how about making a wish?」

Ria brought up a proposal.

「Wish…? Aa… speaking of, the Hill of Hope was said to make『any wish come true』, right?」

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I remember Ria talking about that when we flew on the plane from Thousand Blade Academy to Vesteria Kingdom.

「Yes. Look, you can see that big tree over there, right?」

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「Umm… Aa, that one.」

At the place where Ria was pointing, there was a large tree that was so tall that the top was not visible.

「That tree is said to have been growing for hundreds of millions of years… I don’t know if it’s true or not though.」

「Hee, is that so…」

Hundreds of millions of years…huh.

(This tree, too… I’m sure it had a hard time…)

For the first time in my life, I felt a deep sympathy for a tree.

「That’s why, if you put your hands together under that tree and think of what you want from the bottom of your heart – it is said that any wish will come true.」

「Hee, that sounds good. Let’s give it a try.」

Then we moved to the base of the tree.

And then we looked at each other once – quietly put our hands together and prayed for our wishes in our hearts.