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That meant to say that if Rui Yuchen did not notice this point and allowed the promotion of the fitness meal, the Deposit Fitness might not be able to make a profit. Boss Pei’s plan might be seriously implicated!

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Of course, that could not be blamed on Boss Pei. Boss Pei had always been busy at work; how could he dictate how the fitness meal should look like?

Rui Yuchen felt that solving this problem should be within his own scope of works.

“How lucky, I nearly caused huge trouble with this near miss! Wouldn’t I become the culprit if Deposit Fitness were to fail because of the fitness meal? That would completely disappoint Boss Pei’s expectations in me!”

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Rui Yuchen hurriedly walked towards his office, ready to spend a few days to fully correct the mistake with the healthy meals!

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May 7th, Saturday...

The soft sound of waves rang in Pei Qian’s ears, awakening him.

This was part of the smart home designed by Liang Qingfan. Compared with a traditional alarm, the sound was much softer and gentle on the ears.

Pei Qian wanted to continue sleeping but suddenly remembered that it was the first conference with the Manage Loss Trainees.

He could only fumble around and pat the transparent control panel beside the bed.

The floor-to-ceiling windows became transparent, light entered softly, spilling over the entire room.

Pei Qian turned over and sat up. He yawned and glanced at the bedside mirror that could be used as a control panel. He found a dark circle below his eyes.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with his new residence after moving in for two days. He had no qualms at all. His dark circles were not due to uncomfortable living and lack of rest, but because of playing games till late yesterday.