How to play online happy airship

How to play online happy airship

“And that’s why I don’t understand why you recommended that. It feels like a prank.”

“Ah~~... you are right…”

“Ugh, hey hey, aren’t you going to deny it?”

Seemed like Uehara-kun wanted to debate me but got blindsided. I scratched my cheeks.

“Ehh~~ … Well, I don’t have any excuse. How should I put this, the charm of that game can’t be explained with words. Putting it more arrogantly, those who don’t understand won’t, it’s just like one’s taste in food.”

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“Food huh… If I have to say, this isn’t a matter of like or dislike, it is dubious whether the thing is actually food. It can’t be called a game.”

“Maybe. But I like this.”

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“... You like bearded old men fishing for black bass?”

“Not that. What I like is the details within the game, or its worldview.”

“I don’t get you…”

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After saying that, Uehara-kun leaned onto the chair’s back, rocking the chair on its hind legs as he crossed his arms behind his head…To be honest, I couldn’t explain further. If I had to use a great example I haven’t used before…

With a laugh, I put up a cool front and said:

“That’s right, Uehara-kun, this is something like love, and can’t be explained with reasons.”

"… What the hell is a cherry boy like you saying to a guy with a girlfriend?"


Amano Keita’s heart suffered a billion points of damage! My face turned red with shame!

“T-That’s not the point! I am talking purely about spiritual connection! M-Maybe you and your girlfriend already have… erm, a more intimate connection.”