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“Kah ... huh!? Ka... ah ...”

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And the next moment, José stopped as if time had frozen in a mid-back position.

Even the audience fell silent in this situation.

[Wh, wh, wh, wha, what! He got in! Just a few seconds after the start! José’s flame is drowned out only by the wind pressure of a high-speed left, then the body attack by diving into the bosom at once! This is!?]

And José who had stopped......

“Jo, José!? Wha... eh? Wh, what are you doing... eh?”

“Uh, uh ... right? A performance!? That attack isn’t working at all! That’s right!?”

“Th, that’s right, José only let him have one free hit... right?”

“Of course! I mean, look at him, José!”

“Yes, Senior won’t be shaken! Even that one gut punch didn’t make him twitch... at all...... eh!?”

Even though the five bitches made a fuss, José wasn’t moving at all for a few seconds.

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The next moment, José’s whole body began to tremble as if convulsed...

“Ha, ka, ha, u, upuh, uuuh, ubuh!?”

His cheeks swelled up as if something instantly overflowed in his mouth, and the next moment he broke down and...

“Upuh... O, obeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh, bleeeeeeeehhh!!!!”

The entirety of what appeared to be the breakfast he had this morning came out in a sloppy mess from José’s mouth.