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“Then we get no points next month as well… no…”

“Just live a life in moderation and give up on your luxurious lifestyle.”

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“It’s ok, Ike-kun. We might not get any points right now, but we’ll get some points in the near future. Right? Horikita-san.”

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“I wonder.”

“Can I say something? We’re all friends, after all. Horikita-san, Ayanokouji-kun, and I are working together to try and get to class A. If it’s fine, I want you guys to help us.”

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“Get to… class A? Eh, are you serious?”

“Yea. Of course. Trying to increase our points, obviously, is an important part of that as well.”

“But isn’t that super far-fetched? They’re a smart bunch, right? Since they’re way smarter, isn’t it practically impossible?”

If you just think about their grades, a whole group of people like Horikita is scary.

“Studying isn’t the only thing that decides classes though. …right?”

“Yea, but if you can’t study, it’s out of the question.”

The three people whistled and averted their eyes.

“We’re still pretty far from our goal, but if we work together, we’ll get there. Definitely.”

“Where’s the evidence for that?”

“Evidence… Well, three people working together won’t fail as easily as just one, right?”

“I don’t think that really applies to these three.”