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While patting the dirt off his clothes, Hashimoto slowly stood back up.

"So he says, Horikita-san".

"'re insane, both you and Ryuuen-kun".

Class A, under Sakayanagi's leadership, did not voice a single complaint against this act of violence.

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On the contrary, they were more than willing to throw down.

"I must apologize, Ryuuen-kun. I've teased you a bit too much".

After apologizing, she looked towards Kouenji.

"Going back to our initial topic, whatever do you mean by all the people here, including me, boring you?".

For Sakayanagi, that remark made by Kouenji is more worrisome than Ryuuen who's in front of her. Ryuuen too, having grown apathetic, took his distance from Sakayanagi.

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"I swear, this lot.....".

Horikita's agitation and exasperation are understandable. These people here all have a few quirks of their own.

"Did you really not like what I had to say, Little Girl?".

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Heading over to the bench where Sakayanagi sat, Kouenji opened his palm and pointed at her.

"Kuku. Little Girl, huh? I think it's a wonderful name".

As though it were payback for Dragon Boy, Ryuuen sneered.

"Kouenji-san, was it? You're mistaken in your use of English. I am not a little girl".

"Fu. Fu. Fu. I am the one who gets to decide that. Not you. I have not made a mistake according to the rules of use. The usage of the word 'girl' is appropriate for your age and physique, which means I'll be calling you just that".

"That is precisely where you're wrong. According to the rules of use, 'little girl' is what you would use to refer to elementary schoolgirls and no one else. This world doesn't exist just for the sake of allowing you to do whatever you want in it".

"It's my policy to not go with common sense".