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This was the end to end all ends.

Considering that the match would have to continue after this, our defeat would probably be decided within the next 30 seconds.

There were no safe routes anymore. I had to place my bet on the last chance I had at winning this battle.

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I quickly began typing on my keyboard, writing out the move that I had come up with.

And then I hit enter, and the countdown of my timer stopped.

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However, Horikita just sat there, silently waiting for my message to arrive, almost as if she was praying for it.

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Around 30 seconds after I sent her my instruction, Horikita’s eyes widened.

The long-awaited signal had apparently reached her through the headset.

I glanced at Sakagami-sensei and Hoshinomiya-sensei.

Their eyes were both glued to the large monitor, eagerly watching to see the outcome of the chess match.

[So you’ve still got some fight left in you… Ayanokōji.]

Hashimoto looked up at the camera with a complicated expression on his face. He was smiling, and yet not smiling at the same time.

Horikita made her move, and Sakayanagi’s timer began counting down once again.

“Splendidly done, Ayanokōji-kun.”

Upon seeing what move I had made, Sakayanagi praised me for the third time.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a match against such a complex, powerful opponent before. You’ve managed to answer my each and every move with an equal, or sometimes far greater move of your own.”

She spoke, assessing what had happened. With my move, she had probably seen the end of the match.

“The move you made just now was certainly a perfect one. There’s no doubting that you’re at a level that an ordinary person could only dream of reaching.”