How does online banking do not have a fee?

How does online banking do not have a fee?

“An exam like last year’s class poll isn’t something the school can do just like that.”

“Then there’s no problem. As long as there are no mandatory expulsions, my class will get through it.”

“Oh my? You’ve started talking big all of a sudden, Sae-chan.”

Over Mashima’s back, Hoshinomiya poked Chabashira’s side.

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“Stop it.”

When Chabashira grabbed her hand a little angrily, Hoshinomiya turned her sharp eyes back to her.

“You’re not thinking you’ll make it to Class A are you?”

“Nobody said that. However, I’m just saying that this class is superior to the classes from previous years.”


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In the midst of the tense atmosphere, Mashima guzzled the remaining half of his beer.

“Indeed, there are no mandatory expulsions. But…”

Chabashira, together with Hoshinomiya, turned to look at Mashima, who was at a loss for words.

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“The outline for the next special exam was announced recently. It will be implemented for the first time in 11 years.”

“11 years…We’ll be 29 this year, so…you mean since our third-year of high school? It’s unusual isn’t it? For such an old special exam to be adopted.”

Many of her memories from high school were buried deep in the back of her brain and had already melted away. What conversations she’d had, what special exams she’d done. If she were asked to recall all of them immediately, she wouldn’t be able to answer.

“The school makes special exams according to a year-long schedule. If we take it a step further, it’s based on a four-year rotation. You knew this much, yes?”

“It’s to make sure the contents of the special exams don’t get leaked to other students while they’re at school, right?”