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Boss Pei is indeed Boss Pei. He managed to think of a solution so swiftly?

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Pei Qian said, “I can add a segment to the game. After the game starts up, players would be able to write an epitaph for themselves to encourage them while they are playing. Every time they died, the epitaph would surface on the screen; that would be a source of motivation.”

Qiao Liang vaguely felt like something was amiss; however, he couldn’t pinpoint it exactly.

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Pei Qian took a look at his watch, “Alright, it’s getting late. Thanks for your hard work all this time; let’s go and eat!”

“Ah, alright!”

Qiao Liang had wanted to think about what was wrong with this ‘epitaph’. However, hearing Boss Pei’s suggestion to have dinner, Qiao Liang instantly forgot about this matter.

He was in for a treat again!

Boss Pei is so good to me. Sigh, I really cannot repay him! Qiao Liang sighed emotively.

The two got off the car at the entrance of Ming Yun Private Kitchen. Seeing Teacher Qiao’s eyes sparkle at the thought of eating delicacies, Pei Qian couldn’t help but chuckle internally.

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I have been messing about with Teacher Qiao for so long. Sigh, I am such an evil person.

However, taking a look at the surroundings of Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Pei Qian soon lost his mood. Ever since Ming Yun Private Kitchen had grown popular, Pei Qian had not visited

All in all, it was a long story.

Pei Qian had purchased a semi-commercial villa. It was completely separate from other residential villas. It had its own space and cars had their own private entrance as well. Originally, this had been the reason why these villas had been hard to sell.

However, this semi-commercial villa area near Ming Yun Private Kitchen was now filled with luxury cars. These were cars that were rarely seen in Jingzhou.