WeChat mobile phone online make money

WeChat mobile phone online make money

This time, it was mainly discounts and promotions.

Pei Qian was a little at his wit’s end after playing so many tricks.

However, Pei Qian had to continue working hard to stimulate his own intelligence in order to incur losses.

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Since he was going to use the 100,000 yuan ‘pure giveaway’ quota this time, he naturally had to revolve around this quota to organize related promotional events.

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First of all, he had to spend a hundred thousand yuan out of his own pocket to exchange for ten million yuan to burn money unconditionally according to the System’s regulations. He also had to choose GOG as his target to burn money.

He had no choice. He had to trouble GOG again.

Boss Pei could not be blamed for this. GOG earned the most money and had the most players. Burning money in other industries could not achieve this effect.

He did not need to find a reason to spend the ten million yuan, but he needed a reason to convince the system when he combined it with the other ten million yuan.

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Pei Qian quickly found a good reason: a few days ago, GOG had more than ten million active daily players in the world!

The number of monthly active players had also exceeded 28 million.

This figure was slightly lower than Pei Qian’s impression of LOL at the beginning of 2013, but it was already very impressive.

There were more than ten million active daily players in the world. Shouldn’t they organize an event to celebrate?

It was just as well. The pure giveaway for the special event was also 10 million yuan.

Pei Qian decided that he would choose 1,000 lucky people out of all the active users in GOG.

All gamers who had been online for within a month and had reached a certain level of time could participate in the lucky draw.

During the lucky draw, prizes would be distributed to different servers according to the number of players.

For example, there were obviously more local players than other servers. Naturally, they had to arrange for more winners.