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On the other hand, it was around the time when Allen conquered the First-Year War.

Deep underground in the Holy Ronelia Empire, one man was screaming in joy.

「I-I did it…! I finally found it!」

Vice President of Student Council Executives of Thousand Blade Academy.

He has lived as a miner for months – sneaking through the Holy Ronelia Empire’s tight security network and slipping through the empire’s pursuers and the Black Organization.

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「This is… the blood diamond that I have dreamed of!」

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He had two fist-sized blood diamonds in his hands.

The crimson, which is said to have magical beauty, emitted a mysterious shine even in this state without any processing.

「Fu, Fufufu …! The president will surely be pleased …!」

A number of flashlights illuminated him as he grinned happily.

「T-There he is!」

「Contact the Imperial Guards as soon as possible!」

「Hurry up and tell the Black Organization too! We can only stall him for so long!」

The Magic Swordsmen employed by the Ronelia Empire shouted with bloodshot eyes.

Each one of them had a soul dress, and it can be seen that each person was considerably skilled.

「Tch, one after another… They’re really persistent」

The vice-president cut down the group of skilled magic swordsmen as though brushing away insects, but…

As expected, it became more troublesome to fight one by one since their numbers exceeded 100.