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" can't be, Ryuuen?".

Ishizaki boisterously shouts the name of that man.

"Albert, it's your turn!".

The moment he called out that name, the boys around him all went into uproar.

Despite everyone having thought of him at least once, they had all left Albert out of the equation. Now that unspoken rule has been broken.

"Hey, that's cheating!".

Even Sudou, who acted like an alpha, failed to conceal his discomposure.

"Come on. If it's a competition to determine who's number one in our school year then even Albert's a friend!".

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Well, considering the flow of the conversation thus far, Ishizaki's assertion certainly isn't wrong.

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However, no one can deny the fact that a competition that goes beyond countries would put us at a disadvantage.

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Japan's professional baseball players are quite high-level but if you take a look at the major leagues, the difference between the two in regards to physical ability couldn't be more obvious.

They'd probably be stunned by the bodies of the foreigners who possess different physiques and even different genes.

Albert silently shows up.

Sudou and Katsuragi are also blessed with a good physique but they're no match.

Furthermore, despite being in a bath, he's still wearing his sunglasses.

Normally they'd cloud up and you'd be unable to see anything but perhaps he's applied an anti-fogging gel to it, since Albert moves without a hint of hesitation.

"Kuu, he's huge.....".

Albert had a bath towel wrapped around his waist.