How to make money online speculation wine

How to make money online speculation wine

However, it was a good thing that Pei Qian was gifted in this area. Coupled with his deep understanding of Tengda Corporation and the experience he had accumulated from fighting the system for three years...

He finally had some ideas now.

“In order to achieve this goal, we have to go through a three-step process. I will definitely die if I continue advertising rashly.”

“The first step is to cut Tengda’s reputation and this product apart.”

“Now, gamers are all crazy. Once they hear the words ‘Tengda Games’, no matter what game type or product they are, a group of people would mindlessly buy them.”

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“This is bad.”

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“After the release of the Doubt VR glasses and ‘Animal Island’, everyone heard that this was Tengda’s game. Coupled with someone like Teacher Qiao shouting, no matter how hard they tried to dissuade the publicity plan, it would still be drowned in the sound of players ‘buy, buy, buy’.”

“Therefore, we have to let players know that this pair of glasses and game were all made by Slow Movement Studio. Slow Movement Studio and Tengda are only in an investment relationship. We don’t have to have too many expectations.”

“We’ll publicize it for a period of time and wait for the voices of doubt to appear before we can carry out our next step.”

Pei Qian stood up and walked around the balcony.

“I have to think of a special way for the second and third steps.”

“Previously, Meng Chang had failed in publicity many times because he made it look like he was suppressing his desires first. He was too low-profile at the beginning. In the end, once the game or product was released, it instantly satisfied everyone’s expectations and surpassed them. It was impossible to clean up in a short time.”

“Therefore, I have to work hard to achieve the effect of pushing my desires first!”

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“First, we have to think of a way to raise everyone’s expectations indefinitely. We have to cover the sky and boast unreasonably. This way, the effect would naturally be greatly reduced if the actual product does not meet everyone’s expectations.”

“The second step is to raise everyone’s expectations. The third step is to think of ways to reduce the influence and effect of the products.”

Pei Qian sat back in front of his computer and quickly recorded his thoughts.