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The experience was slightly different from traditional RTS games.

Traditional RTS games would mostly issue targets before letting players take action.

Most of the time, the players did not do what they wanted to do when commanding the battle. Instead, they did what the mission required.

However, in Mission and Choice, most players would make similar choices as Qin Yi through clever plot arrangements. That way, players would be more immersive and understand Qin Yi’s situation and behavior.

Time passed by without him knowing.

Qiao Liang was completely immersed in the game and could not stop!

This feeling was similar to some of the more outstanding movies overseas.

The special characteristic of such games was that they would use a movie-like plot to run through the entire game. The entire process would be fast-paced and full of twists and turns.

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‘Mission and Choice’ had achieved a balance between film and game.

Players would play the game for a while. Once they were tired, they would enter the plot and relax.

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The plot acted as a starting point and threw a new problem for gamers, creating a sense of anticipation. Once gamers had seen enough of the plot, they would enter the next stage of the game. This cycle continued.

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On top of that, the game’s immersion was extremely strong. In the second half of the game, Qin Yi’s anxiety, confusion, and despair could even infect the players in front of the computer, causing the players to also want to continue the game with such anxiousness.

Qiao Liang felt like his emotions were being played in the palm of ‘Mission and Choice’. It was a strengthened movie experience!

Qiao Liang had roughly deduced that the game’s plot and movie content were probably the same when he played till the mid-point!

The content was exactly the same but the game and movie experience had their pros and cons.

The advantage of the game was that players could experience it personally after every plot. The game was an interactive art, and players had much more freedom in the game than in the movie. On the other hand, if players made decisions based on their own will in the game just happened to be consistent with the decisions made by the protagonist in the movie, it could exponentially strengthen players’ sense of immersion and their sense of identity with the protagonist.