Top ten online money platform

Top ten online money platform

Also, it really does seem like 1 point is equal to 1 yen.

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Given that the average high school student’s allowance is about 5,000 yen, our monthly allowance is 20 times bigger.

Sensing my suspicious behavior, Horikita looked at me strangely.

I took the closest bowl of cup noodles to throw off her suspicions.

“Wow, this is really big. It’s a G cup!”

It looks like it stands for “giga cup,” but for some reason it makes me feel full just looking at it.

On an unrelated note, Horikita’s breasts aren’t small, but aren’t large either. They are just the perfect size.

“Ayanokouji-kun. Did you just think of something inappropriate?”

“… No, of course not.”

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“You were acting strangely though…”

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With just a glance, she was able to tell that I was thinking of strange things. She’s sharp.

“I was thinking about what I should buy. Which one looks better?”

“If it’s just that, then it’s fine. You should stop buying those unhealthy foods. The school has a lot of better food options, so don’t make a habit out it.”

As she said, there’s no need to stick to instant fast food.

However, I had an irrepressible urge to buy a few more, so I took a regular sized instant noodle bowl (it said FOO Yakisoba on it) and put it in my basket.