Measuring mapping

Measuring mapping

Sid doubted his eyes. That was not a simple ice lance. It was a special lance with higher hardness than iron – made by the power of the soul called soul dress.

He became speechless in the face of such an absurd sight – seeing the lance being shattered, which is difficult to destroy even with a sword forged by a master craftsmen, with Allen’s bare hands.

「Pu…Gyahahahaha! Whats with that stupid look! Did you really think that such『ice play』 will work on me… A”a!?」

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When Allen was agitated at Sid, a slight『red』was reflected at the edge of his sight.


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When Allen suspiciously checked the source of the red, he saw slight bleeding from the back of his hand, which had just hit the lance.

At that moment, he flipped.

「Bastard, shitty geezer! The hell is this brittle body!? Don’t fool around…!」

Allen, who was yelling furiously, turned around and glared at a single point in the audience. There was an old man who had been watching the match from the start of this Big Five Holy Festival.

Hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes – were all white and his hips were clearly bent.

「Hyoho!? I’m found I’m found…!」

He soon became transparent and disappeared from the venue.

「Tch, cowardly geezer… he hasn’t changed at all… The next time I see him I won’t let him get away so easy…」

At that time – Sid, who saw Allen’s empty back, laughed boldly.

「You’re too careless, aren’t you? You turned your back to me like this! -〈Vanal Thrust〉!」

A deadly thrust that gushed out tremendous cold air and gained explosive propulsion.

But that thrust.