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On top of that, there were two pure black chairs and one small, pure black table by the full-length windows. The entire place looked like an open exhibition hall. Apart from the two small cabinets in the corner, there was no more storage space.

After some consideration, Pei Qian pointed at the cabinet, the small table, and the pure black chairs. “This is not bad, but all of these have to

The television cabinet was going to store the game machine and game discs while the sofa was going to be used for gaming. Of course, they had to stay. The other storage spaces and chairs were not needed!

To most people, the more storage spaces, the better. That was because most people could not curb their desires nor stop themselves from buying, buying, and buying.

As they bought more and more items, their houses would become increasingly cluttered.

Once they collected too much rubbish, no matter where they stored it, the apartment would look messy. Thus, they needed storage spaces to accommodate all of their things and make the house look neat and tidy. However, what Pei Qian wanted to do was dissuade the white-collared workers and yuppies from buying the apartments. He wanted to tell them to stay away!

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Of course, that alone wasn’t enough. Pei Qian knew that he had to add an additional term in the contract for Sloth Apartments: tenants would be prohibited from purchasing their own furniture.

That way, the apartments would not be practical at all. Even if they looked nice, their high price and lack of practicality would be sufficient to dissuade most tenants from renting the place!

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At that moment, Liang Qingfan was at a loss for words. This had been his first design for the apartment, but Liang Qingfan himself had quickly rejected it.

That was because he had thought that minimalism did not necessarily mean leaving the four walls bare.

At first, when he had tried to conceptualize minimalism, he had approached the apartment from a purely artistic point of view. This rendering’s theme colors and furnishing had been direct results of that approach.

Yet, the design’s biggest problem was the lack of practicality. Although Liang Qingfan had added small cabinets, a small table, and some chairs; the apartment would still be impractical and difficult to live in.

However, Boss Pei thought well of the design. In fact, he wanted Liang Qingfan to get rid of the cabinets, the table, and the chairs altogether!

That way, there would not be any storage space in the apartment, except for the wardrobe in the bedrooms and the kitchen cabinets. The four walls would really be bare.

Liang Qingfan looked uncertainly at Boss Pei. Boss Pei looked back at him with extreme confidence.

“Work according to this design. The budget remains the same. You can exceed it, but you cannot spend less.”