Online speculative futures to make money

Online speculative futures to make money

Even if there were people with ulterior motives who kept accounts, their behavior patterns and the characteristics of the accounts were very obvious because they were all controlled by robots. It would be very easy to check.

This way, even though it looked like a “random free order” and “random free money”, the higher the weight, the better the reward. Those accounts with lower weight might be given something symbolically or nothing at all.

To Tengda, who held the final explanation rights for the event, these were all very normal operations. Gamers would not be disgusted. After all, gamers had high authority accounts with real money in their hands. It was beneficial to them to deal with the scalpers.

There were only so many benefits. Wouldn’t the real gamers get fewer benefits if they were taken away by the scalpers? Everyone must understand this.

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Thus, there was no problem with this rule.

The problem was that this event was too extravagant!

Even if there were many ways to defend against the robots and scalpers, Tengda had such a huge number of users. Everyone would be online to receive benefits. The expenses would still be astronomical.

What’s more, it was completely different from what Zhao Xuming and Eric had predicted. This 515 Game Festival was not a ‘discount’ but a free gift!

This meant that the price Tengda Corporation was paying was obviously higher than Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation!

Initially, Zhao Xuming had thought that if Tengda Corporation used ‘discounts’ to organize events, there would be a lot of room for both parties to burn money.

For example, if I give a 60%!d(MISSING)iscount, you give a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount. However, the value of the props in the two games were different. It was difficult for gamers to distinguish which game had a higher discount.

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What’s more, this discount could also be adjusted according to the situation. Increasing the discount limit was completely within control.