Which answer is made online

Which answer is made online

They started chasing each other in the cramped clubroom, as they argued.

We looked at the two and deeply reflected on our miserable suspicion.


We apologized to Amano again and again in our hearts. We even made up our mind to apologize to him legitimately after this. Just as we’re dragging this, the two of them continued yelling.

“There’s no escape, Aguri-san! Today, …I’ll touch what I’ve said no matter what! With my sweaty hands! I’m touching your stuff or the corner of your uniform!”

“Ha, big talk…That’s quite imposing, actually. Amanocchi, onee-san is proud to see your growth!”

“You can only keep your cool now…Hiya!”

“No sweat! What about this!”

“U-Uwah, s-stop moving! I almost touched your chest!”

“Hmph, Amanocchi, see? This is one of my specialized tactics, exclusive to Amanocchi! A Horrible, Mandatory Sexual Harassment! If my move hit, the opponent’s social life is over!”

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“Ugh, how despicable…! But, …even so, I’ve said that I’m going to do that no matter what…!”

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“Hehe, I know a virgin like Amanocchi can never conquer his fear of this tactic! Come, you’ll be touching my breasts!”