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Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief. Alright, it’s great if it would not have much of an impact in the short term. He had high hopes for Fish-Catching Take-Out. Please don’t let anything happen to it.

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Pei Qian felt much better after hearing from Rui Yuchen that it would take several months at least to turn the losses into profits even in the best case.

He could then concentrate on other areas that needed worrying about: the Deposit Fitness for example... The impact of this comprehensive review was too great after all. It basically included all the other Tengda departments still in the red.

Fortunately, the Sloth Apartments was a very low-key project. There was no publicity so it temporarily managed to scrape through.

“I understand, keep the status quo then!”

Rui Yuchen was filled with rigor once again after he watched Boss Pei leave. It seemed like Boss Pei did attach great importance to Fish-Catching Take-Out!

Boss Pei might be busy with work, but he personally came to No. 1 store to inquire about what was currently happening.

The most important was that he actually received an important recommendation from Quanmin Reviews. That was very helpful for the long-term planning of Fish-Catching Take-Out!

Rui Yuchen integrated the previously collated improvement plans and handed them to the back kitchen so that they could make a new menu based on it. He was just about to rest for a while when he raised his head and saw someone he knew.

“Brother Lin?”

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“You’re a little late; Boss Pei just left.”

Rui Yuchen got Lin Canrong to sit down.

Lin Canrong visibly felt a little strange. “Boss Pei was here? What a pity then. I wanted to thank him in person and also to tell him my new insights.”

Rui Yuchen: “Then it should be alright. Boss Rui is not someone who would care about such small details. What do you want to thank Boss Pei for?”

“Of course, it is to thank Boss Pei for telling me to find my true position in the F&B industry!” Lin Canrong replied seriously. Rui Yuchen was taken aback. “Hmm? What do you mean?”

Lin Canrong took a sip from his drink before asking. “You should know about foreign food bloggers, right?”