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Hubei online earning forum

「I see. Then I still want that chocolate.」


It is true that the chocolate may have a slightly distorted shape.

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But it contains Ria’s love, her heart which thought of me, and the time we both crossed our swords.

「Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you, but… I want the chocolate you made for me.」

And when I expressed my true feelings,

「B-But… The shape is broken, and the color has changed a little…」

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Ria said in a dispirited tone and dropped her gaze on the chocolate at hand.

「I don’t mind at all.」

In my hometown, the poor Goza village, there is only one criteria for evaluating food.

Whether it can be eaten or not.

From my viewpoint as someone who grew up there, the shape of chocolate is no problem at all.

「A-And… It was burned by the flames of〈Fafnir〉, so it might have a strange taste…」

「It was warmed by Ria’s flames. I’m sure it’s gotten even more delicious.」


「But what?」

「Uh, uh… Well, if you’re so insistent… Just one only, okay?」

She said and held out the square box of chocolates.

「Thank you. Itadakimasu.」