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As for how to get ERSO’s official platform and Tengda Games to cooperate with his plan, that was easy to handle.

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His official identity was the person-in-charge of the advertising and marketing department after all. Boss Pei had personally arranged for him to publicize Mission and Choice.

As long as Meng Chang asked, Tengda Games would definitely cooperate fully.

Now, Meng Chang felt that his plan was just one step short of success.

Bluffing had always been his forte.

Thus, he finalized this rough publicity plan. Then, he stood up and left, preparing to head to Tengda Games to coordinate with the person-in-charge, Hu Xianbin.

The advertising and marketing department was also in Shenhua View. They were only a few floors away from the Tengda Games, so they arrived very quickly.

Meng Chang went straight to Hu Xianbin and explained his intentions.

Hu Xianbin took it very seriously. “Promote Mission and Choice? Of course, there’s no problem! Since it’s Boss Pei’s idea, Brother Meng, feel free to ask for anything. We’ll definitely fully cooperate.”

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Meng Chang could not help but smile slightly. It looked like the plan was going smoothly and was developing according to his expectations.

“First, please provide a DEMO for the game. Even though I have thought of a publicity plan, I can only finalize some details after playing the specific game.”

“Secondly, we have to discuss with ESRO’s official platform to organize an ‘revisit the classic domestically-produced games’ event. The official platform will come forward and pack all the classic domestically-produced games from more than ten years ago into a collection and sell them at a discount on the official platform.”

“Of course, we have nothing to do with the sales of other games. However, we have already obtained the rights to ‘Mission and Choice’. Therefore, we will still sell this game at the original price, which is 158 yuan.”

“We’ll replace the previous games after our ‘Mission and Choice’ is completed.”

Meng Chang had done his homework. ‘Mission and Choice’ was released after ‘Command and Conquest’. The original price of ‘Mission and Conquest’ was 160 yuan in China at the time, while the original price of ‘Mission and Choice’ was 158 yuan.