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As I spoke, I asked myself: Do I have any compromises in my high school life?... I couldn’t answer, only irritation and frustration were welling up.

To shake all these aside, I focus my attention on Amano.

"… Hey Amano, you heard the children’s tale about the ant and the grasshopper?"

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Amano appeared to waver slightly after I asked him that… But he still nodded, as I held on to his chest. I showed a twisted grin.

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“I am the grasshopper in the story. By understanding the ways of the world and getting the main gist of it, I can have a fulfilling youth. If I run into major trouble, I just need to plead my head low and I will get to take advantage of others. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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I worked hard every day in middle school, and only games gave me a little breather. But I didn’t achieve anything in the end, and I hated myself for that. Myself from back then was overlapping with the nerd before me.

"Amano, speaking of this, what about you!? Are games fun? Is that enough? Hey, isn’t your method of escapism too shabby!? That part of you… I find that part of you to be very annoying!”

The parts that resembled me greatly. Even though he was really similar to the past me… there were different parts too.

Amano groaned painfully.

"Even if you say this much…Uehara-san, you don’t really know me…"

"I know! I don’t need to ask too much about someone as shallow as you! Amano, you rejected the invitation that Tendo worked so hard to grant you right!? You had the chance to be a grasshopper without working for it… But you used the poor excuse of ‘differences in attitude towards gaming’ and gave it up! Even though you sounded as if you regretted it, but that’s not how you really think!... The truth is, you think you are cool for sticking to your haughty principles!”

“!T-That is…”

Amano’s eyes flickered. I carried on:

“That was the same reason you ran away before my clique! You are reveling in the image of a tragic main character you moulded for yourself! To me… That part of you is something I can’t tolerate!”