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Even while talking about similar matter, his tone and protocol gave a different impression. Hirata’s progression of words was almost perfect. After letting them know the lower limits, he finally told about the possibility of saving nearly 200 points. By doing so, he reasonably succeeded in setting high goals on his classmates. If we do our best, not only we can save a lot of points, but we’ll be at ease thinking that the points will increase steadily with some effort.

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“That’s okay, isn’t it Hirata? We can earn at least 120 points. If we do it, we can earn points by only adding our performance, right? Let’s try it!” Ike, who was thought to be the most confronting, agreed in a burst and raised his voice. Sudou and Yamauchi also agreed as if there’s no other option. Yukimura still seemed a little reluctant, but gave up after seeing his fellow Ike siding with Hirata.

“Aah, that’s right, Hirata, I have something to check—“ Since Yamauchi forgot to report about Ibuki, I had no other choice but to call it out myself. However, class continued the discussion with a lot of energy without a chance of cutting in.

“It’s fate of popular person I guess… Should I do it later?”

I approached Ibuki, who was watching the situation from a distance, and gently called out:

“Sorry, could you wait a bit more, I’m trying to consult about your situation.”

“Don’t force yourself particularly. I don’t want to get in the way.” As if she has feelings of self-hatred, Ibuki grasped the grass tightly and pulled it out strongly.

“After all, I’ll soon be expelled from here, right?”

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“I don’t know. Hirata is exceptionally softhearted.“ I couldn’t imagine him kicking her out when he finds out about Ibuki’s circumstances.

“I didn’t introduce myself before. I’m Ayanokouji.”

“Should I do it one more time as well?”

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“No, that’s fine. You’re Ibuki from C class. I remember well.”

We faced each other after I’d finished introducing again, but Ibuki didn’t make an eye contact after all.

“For reference, those thinking that it’s okay to drink river water please raise your hands.” Overlooking at Ibuki and D class, Ike tried to change the topic of discussion. This time, it wasn’t in an enforcement but to ask for opinions. Of course, he took the initiative and raised his hand. Closely half of the boys raised their hands in agreement. Shinohara seemed to be a little puzzled, but Ike gently told her to loosen it up.

“I-I want to agree… But I’m a bit scared.”