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After saying that, Horikita took a notebook in hand and started writing on it with a pen.

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"What do you mean by the next step?".

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I tried to peek but Horikita immediately closed the notebook.

"That's still a far off topic. Right now, what we should be focusing on isn't Sudou-kun and his troubles".

She quietly added that we cannot afford to be focusing on him alone. I don't know what's going on in her head but I couldn't care less. Recently, Horikita's been acting after thinking things through more and more.

It's probably because she's gradually become capable of communicating with Sudou, Hirata and the others.

"Still, Ryuuen-kun's being rather active. It's still right after the Paper Shuffle and I figured he'd keep a low profile for a bit longer. I wonder if this means he's plotting something again right off the bat?".

"But isn't that strange? It's not like there's a special exam going on right now or anything".

"Looking back, exams aren't the only occasions he's used to attack us. Like attacking Sudou-kun for instance. And it seems he's also done something to Ichinose-san and Class B unrelated to the exams too. He seems to like doing things outside the box that doesn't involve fighting over points".

Don't you already know that without having to ask each and every time? As though asking me that, she looks over at me. Of course, I shrugged it off by playing dumb.

"But I wonder what he's after this time".

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"Do you really not know? Or are you faking it?".

"What do you mean? I don't understand".

"He's looking for the mastermind controlling Class D from the shadows. And in order to do that, he's begun making moves without care for the consequences".