How does video make money online?

How does video make money online?

Pei Qian turned around and shook his head profusely. “No, I cannot interfere with this project at all!”

Pei Qian had realized that every time he sat back to observe, everything would change. Normally, things went well when he did not come up with a plan. However, whenever he thought of something, he would strangely bring life into any project.

Thus, Pei Qian had decided that, no matter how well this group praised him, he could not afford to offer any advice. He would let them struggle and fight and let the project turn out however it was meant to. He would not interfere with the project at all!

The investors stared at him, confused.

Hasn’t Boss Pei already accepted our investment? If so, why is he still so reluctant? Can’t he just give us a bit of information?

Li Shi’s expression did not change. He had now become used to Boss Pei’s confusing and perplexing behavior. Even though Boss Pei was not explaining himself, Li Shi was sure that there was a deeper reason behind what he was doing

He cleared his throat and said, “Boss Pei, everyone, why don’t we find a compromise?

“We know you’re busy, Boss Pei. The Thriller Hostel is just one of the many projects that you have on hand. Of course, you won’t be able to pour too much time and effort into it.

“Everyone has already seen it-it’s half done. Obviously, Boss Pei has briefed your subordinates on the general direction of the project.

“How about this, Boss Pei? Why don’t you ask the employees in charge of this project to introduce it to us? That’ll save us from having to go to the trouble of doing all the research on our own.

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“Of course, if you really cannot spare the manpower to brief us on this, it’s alright as well. We’ll look for a professional to do a survey and give us their opinion so we can learn more about how we should spend our money. It’s just as well that we know many friends who are professionals that have worked in amusement parks in Shanghai and Beijing...” Pei Qian waved his hand. “Come with me.”

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Those words from Li Shi had sounded too threatening to Pei Qian even though the former likely had no ill-intent.

However, if given a choice, Pei Qian would much rather let Chen Kangtuo explain the situation briefly to the investors. Pei Qian was very sure that the investors would be able to find a professional to give them a good plan for an amusement park, given their connections.